turkey is a vast and varied country that truly offers something for everyone - breathtaking landscapes, natural wonders, magnificent ruins, prestigious beaches and the wholly unique city of istanbul. beyond the sights and cities, this transcontinental country and former crossroads of civilizations has a culture and past that is just as diverse. modern turkey has a oneness that is a reflection of this history where elements borrowed from other anatolian, european, mesopotamian and european societies can be seen, tasted and experienced. on the whole, much of what i found to be so attractive about turkey was that it still felt "undiscovered" as a tourist destination; for me, this untarnished authenticity adds exponentially to any experience. the people are wonderful, the food is second to none (baklava!) and the country itself is nothing short of stunning; for those of you who have bucket lists, i could not more highly recommend that you add turkey to your list. 

below are a handful of images from the trip i took this this in november of 2013; i look forward to visiting again, exploring further and to adding to this gallery someday soon. 

note: thumbnails below are cropped; please click to view full image