The Atlantic: Counting the Dead in Mosul

Pittsburgh Quarterly: Buying a Company Town

PublicSource: Voices Unlocked, a 10-part project telling the stories of Pittsburgh-area residents whose life experiences have been shaped by the penal system.
                      i. Sarah Womack battled through Addiction and Incarceration. Now she is fighting for her daughter. 
                      ii. From sailor locked up in Japan to artist in Pittsburgh
                      iii. Jason gave him a chance. Sa'von took it. Street crime cut their friendship short. 
                      iv. Pittsburgh methadone clinic seeks compassion for those cast aside 
                      v. A poet from Alabama teaches his craft to Southwest Pa. inmates
                      vi. Sisters through addiction, jail time and new endeavors 
                      vii. A Pittsburgh man finds his voice while writing a novel and love letters from jail
                      viii. Solitary confinement changed Robin's life
                      ix. How a mother-daughter relationship both suffered and blossomed amid drug use and jail time 
                      x. Sarah Womack overcame addiction, but her past continues to haunt her in family court 

PublicSource: Gaudenzia's proposed drug rehab expansion troubles residents, including retired police officer Brenda Tate 

Esquire Magazine "The Marine Who Loved Battle"

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Pittsburgh Quarterly: Up In The Air

Pittsburgh Quarterly: 'Living with Amnesia'

Pittsburgh Quarterly: "Beyond Difference" 

Reuters: Freight train cars burning after derailment in Pennsylvania: residents flee 


Three Rivers Arts Festival 2017                                                                                Four Month Exhibition, Summer 2017
Invited, Solo Exhibition/Public Art Display                              Commissioned by Riverlife and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust 

First Amendment Photo Exhibition

Invited                                                                                                                                                    Point Park University
Pittsburgh, PA                                                                                                                                               September 2016

UnSmoke Systems Artspace                                                                                         One Month Exhibition, August 2016
Solo Exhibition
Braddock, PA

The Three Rivers Arts Festival 2016                                                                              Three Week Exhibition, June 2016
Invited, Solo Exhibition                                                                                 Commissioned by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Point Park University Gallery                                                                  Six Month Exhibition August 2015 - January 2016
Invited, Solo Exhibition
Pittsburgh, PA

The Square Cafe                                                                                                     One Month Exhibition, September 2015
Invited, Solo Exhibition
Pittsburgh, PA

28 West Second Street Gallery                                                                                  Three Week Exhibit, May 2015
Women's Exhibition "The Nature of Things" 
Invited and Juried
Greensburg, PA

Training and Workshops

NPPA Multimedia Video Immersion Workshop                                                                           March 2017
Syracuse, New York 

NPPA Northern Short Course                                                                                                      
May 2017
Fairfax, VA

Conflict Photography Workshops                                                                                                 November 2016
Andalusia, Spain

Hostile Environment and Emergency First Aid Training                                                             February 2016
Global Journalist Security
Washington DC

The Missouri Photo Workshop                                                                                                     September 2015