For me, photography is a means to an end and the camera, a tool to be used wisely. 

In a world that seems to be increasingly focused on division, building walls, and what makes us different from one another, images have the capacity to transcend these lines and help us see a bit of ourselves in the “other.”

Driven by curiosity and a desire to learn I tend to be armed with a combination of compassion and moderated outrage at all that is wrong in the world. Though much of my work focuses on human rights and social justice issues, displacement and the impact of conflict on individuals and society it is, for me, all about human-centered storytelling. I like to get close to people and their experiences and am forever grateful to those who have allowed me into their lives.

My belief in the power of images and storytelling is my constant motivation. We often hear that photography can change the world. I believe that, but it’s not the images alone; it is what we do with them. It is how we choose to engage, and how we allow ourselves to be informed and changed. Many times, this change has shown its face in the acceptance of another way of life, and the willingness to identify with others. My hope is that the work might help move us, as a collective society, one step closer to embracing our shared, flawed, humanity.

To date, I’ve had the privilege of working throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I call Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home but am currently a graduate student at Syracuse University. 

2017 TEDx

Published Work

Maranie has published work in The Atlantic, Reuters, Esquire, CNN, Huffington Post, Arte Magazine (Berlin), Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Mashable, Rudaw and works regularly with numerous Pittsburgh area newspapers and magazines.


Maranie can be reached at maranierae @ gmail . com
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