Willingly addicted to the raw intimacy and perfect, fleeting moments; to the preservation of memories and bonds formed; to the empowerment and ability to empower; to the privilege of sharing and the responsibility to do it well; to the personal and financial risk and that gained only through such daring; to the sense of discovery, connection to the world and daily education on what it means to be human and I am driven by a desire to experience, better understand and then share with others.

It took a long time to recognize the camera as a tool to communicate and a permission slip (or at least an excuse) to be somewhere I'd otherwise not “belong.” And it took even longer to give myself permission to pursue what I wanted instead of what I thought and was told I “should”. In late 2015 I left a well-paying yet unfulfilling job and have spent since finding my way, fueled by conviction, the support of others and just the right amount of grit. I see photography as a means to an end and the camera, a tool to be used wisely.

I’ve had the privilege to work throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Pittsburgh is home, but I am currently based in Syracuse, New York where I am a graduate student at Newhouse.

Available for assignment and keen to connect with others, I can be reached directly at: maranierae @ gmail . com
CURRENT LOCATIONS: Syracuse, NYC, DC and Pittsburgh.

Published Work
The Atlantic, Esquire, CNN, Reuters, Huffington Post, Arte Magazine (Berlin), Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, The Ground Truth Project, Rudaw, Mashable, Social Documentary Network and numerous Pittsburgh newspapers and magazines.

Please see my CV for more information on training, professional qualifications, exhibitions and education.
In 2017 I gave a TEDx talk; my thoughts are more nuanced today, but I remain forever grateful for the opportunity.

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