On February 1, 2018 Kaylee Marshfield turned 6 years old. It was also the day her parents received a phone call confirming their fears—the reason Kaylee had been feeling sick was because she had a Wilm’s Tumor, a rare form of childhood cancer.  I met Kaylee and her family in August 2018 at the New York State Fair. I spent weeks with Kaylee and her family photographing what I originally believed was a story of a little girl’s battle with childhood cancer. As time passed and I became closer to both Kaylee and her family it became clear this is not "just" the story of a child with cancer but rather one of the nuanced dynamics of a family as they together navigate her diagnosis, treatment and life once found cancer-free. Through it all, Kaylee has done her best to balance life as a first-grader, daughter, sister and cancer patient with the grace and maturity of someone many times her age.
Forced from Home