“La cruel realidad”, or the "cruel reality", is an ongoing family photo project of undocumented families living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The aspiration is to visually depict the familial fragmentation that occurs when undocumented parents are deported and their documented children remain, often left in limbo.  Several of the families worked together to choose the name of this project, stating this was their life, their reality and though it was a cruel one they would do whatever possible to remain together.   One of the families I photographed recently asked that I no longer share their image citing fear of retaliation and deportation. When we began we had over 20 families excited to participate, many saying that for the first time they felt empowered to have their voice heard and to in some way ask the public to see them as fellow human beings.  Since the Trump administration began cracking down on undocumented migrants the project has come to a near halt. The families that were once encouraged have been silenced.
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