pursuing long term projects: kaylee by Maranie Staab

It took well over a year until the Marshfield family allowed me to spend time within their home. When Kaylee became sick in early 2018 both Kristina and Todd nearly moved into the hospital and both subsequently lost their jobs. With priorities focused on the well-being of their children the house fell into a condition that, in their words, was just too embarrassing. Though I have joined them on family vacation and spent more than one holiday together I was kept away from home life until recently. An evening with the girls at their home felt like a breakthrough in many ways, another avenue to explore and an invaluable indication of trust.

I recently spoke to a class about pursuing longer term projects. I wanted to demystify how much time it can, and often does, take to establish a deep trust. If you are working on a story or project and feel as though you’ve but scratched the surface I encourage you to push on, be present, authentic and embrace the organic evolution of relationships.