in search of (the) light by Maranie Staab

one of the many incredibles costumes at the 2015 urban garden party held this past friday at the mattress factory. i spotted this young lady and we sought out a good light source in the basement (i am not a big fan of flash photography) and ended up with this shot.

it's about the moments by Maranie Staab

one of the (many) things i love about photography is that (in my opinion) in order to begin to do it well you must slow down and become an observer of life. and sometimes, every so often, you are able to capture real moments -- unstaged, unplanned and a true account of the emotions(s) being felt. 

last night i had the pleasure of shooting at the mattress factory urban garden party. it was great party and, to my delight, a people-watching opportunity at its finest.

night vision by Maranie Staab

the night has a unique ability to add a layer of magic to things that are otherwise rather ordinary. here, darkness falls creating a silhouette as folks enjoy a beautiful summer evening

joy, delight and simplicity of life by Maranie Staab

kids will be kids.

as the storm began at the arts fest this evening and as adults started to scramble for their umbrellas and ponchos this little girl did the opposite -- she danced and leapt in delight as the rain came down. 

(i can't help but miss the care free spirit that was inherent to early childhood)

people are fascinating. by Maranie Staab

evan of turnpike gardens by Maranie Staab

few musicians that i have had the pleasure to photograph can exhibit the ferocity that evan consistently does. a talented musician and a blast to photograph. 

turnpike gardens at the smiling moose by Maranie Staab

a few images from the recent turnpike garden show at the smiling moose -- these guys put on a killer show following their live morning performance on the DVE coffeehouse.

turnpike gardens band at the smiling moose by Maranie Staab

a few images from a recent turnpike gardens show. be sure to check these guys out -- better yet, mark your calendars for Friday May 8th. Turnpike Gardens will be playing on DVE's coffeehouse with a show later that evening at the Smiling Moose.

portrait from istanbul, turkey by Maranie Staab

a little #tbt to istanbul turkey circa 2013 and what remains one of my favorite chance encounter to date. i met this man while walking along the bosphorus -- he was dressed to the nines (heck out those shoes!) and seemingly just enjoying the observation of life as it passed by him. i couldn't resist asking him if he would oblige a portrait with me; he readily agreed.