Witness by Maranie Staab

Dusk falls over the Bajad Kandala displacement camp. 01.06.19

I’ve several days yet remaining in Kurdistan but the reality of me leaving to return to my comfortable life is starting to crystallize. Those who’ve allowed me into their lives—many of whom I now call friends— will remain here, their futures but a question mark. I’m buoyed by the strength and the resilience I’ve witnessed while simultaneously being saddened and infuriated by the injustice.

Dusk falls following a Yazidi Wedding ... by Maranie Staab

Dusk falls following the Yazidi wedding of Amera and Samir outside the Bajad Kandala displacement camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. Several hundred from the Yazidi community turned out for an afternoon and evening of celebration — after which they returned to their tents. All are displaced Yazidis from Sinjar and have been living in the camp since the August 2014 ISIS siege that left thousands dead, thousands captured and that still today leaves tens of thousands unable to return to their homes.