to be a mother / by Maranie Staab

while i do not have children i do understand that to be a mother is, at least in part, to provide for your children. this desire to protect and to provide and to love is much more than a desire though -- it becomes part of who you are and the priorities of your children often supersede your own. .
i witnessed a lot while in mosul. as i begin to go back through several thousand images the fierce love of mothers is something that consistently stands out to me. in the face of untold hardship, with near everything out of their control, mothers knew no limits when it came to their children. sana is one of those women; here, in the hasansham camp for the internally displaced, she waits with her medical slip for the fifth straight hour for her son to be seen by the team of a place where the need far outstrips the available aid sana will likely return to wait in line again tomorrow.