Ebtisam / by Maranie Staab

Ebtisam is 7 years old and, like each of the several thousand people in the recently opened hasansham camp, she is from Mosul and recently fled the city amongst increased fighting and growing food shortages. 

Ebstisam and her father, Basam, arrived at the health clinic i was working at to receive treatment for wounds that she sustained from a daesh (ISIS) bomb attack. Though her wounds are significant, she was the (relatively) fortunate one. The same blast killed her 8 year old brother, Ammar. 

Ebtisam, her 3 siblings and her father, Basam, have called the camp home for for the past two weeks and will remain here until Mosul@is fully liberated. .

Opened at the beginning of May, the Hasansham camp is the 12th UNHCR IDP camp opened to shelter those that have been displaced from Mosul. 

According to government figures, cumulatively, more than 610,000 people have been displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas since October, when the military offensive began, including 434,000 individuals displaced from western Mosul since mid-February. An estimated 132,000 people have since returned to their areas of origin. Families who have fled western Mosul speak of worsening conditions as fighting has intensified, with extreme shortages of food, fuel and water.