sunrise at glacier national park / by Maranie Staab

anyone that knows me well knows that im not exactly what one might describe as a morning person. drawn to the silence, solitude, and mystery of the night i don't often find myself (getting) up at 5am. this day was different though; in glacier national park, i had plans to hike about 20 miles and to make it to one of the many peaks that gives the intrepid hiker a view of the parks' glaciers. .

i had met some fellow travelers in missoula the day before and we found ourselves together again at the ranger station early that morning -- one of the many things i love about traveling in a free and fluid way is how similarly minded people tend to find one another again and again. .

as they waited for their permits i stole away and sat on the banks of the water, watching the sun begin to rise behind the mountains, over the water. i maintain that there are few things like watching the sun rise or set that help to set or correct the tone of the day.