/ by Maranie Staab

i went to my mailbox today and amidst the new national geographic and some bills was an anonymous envelope. the envelope contained a brief note as well as a $500 visa card.

the sender had read my recently published story on Geary Rivers, a Vietnam veteran recently displaced from his home at Penn Plaza apartments and relocated to Wilkinsburg. the sender asked that i deliver the gift card to him so that he might treat himself to the new wardrobe that he referenced dreaming about, enjoy a nice meal out or really, use it for whatever he might want or need.

in time where the validity of journalism is being questioned this example not only reinforced my faith in humanity but it also was a direct example of how important journalism is -- not only for the purpose of informing but also for its capacity to connect us to one another.

his anonymous act of generosity brought tears to my eyes and brought my day into sharp focus. it renewed my confidence in the kindness, empathy and generosity of people. it also underlined what i see as the importance of intimate storytelling and of telling stories that highlight the complexities and nuances of this beautiful life we live. .


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