rami, age 64, homs syria / by Maranie Staab

rami, age 64, originally of homs syria waits to be seen at a mobile clinic within the zaatari refugee camp 04.12.16 11:51am

currently home to roughly 100,000 people the zaatari camp has become a semi-permanent home to tens of thousands fleeing conflict in neighboring syria. the camp is a three square mile piece of land located in the jordanian desert -- about an hour outside of amman. first opened in july of 2012 it was initially designed to host a maximum of 60,000 inhabitants; four years later it is now the 4th largest "city" in the hashemite kingdom of jordan. 

as war rages on and as they are neither wholly welcomed abroad nor able to return home the future of millions of syrians remains uncertain. in spite of this uncertainty and countless daily hardships the experiences that I have been fortunate to have speaking and interacting with the syrian people has left me in awe and admiration of their resilience, hope and ability (decision) to see the beauty in each day.