portrait of a young girl ... msf mobile clinic in hutheima / by Maranie Staab

a young iraqi girl waits to be seen outside of the newly opened MSF mobile clinic in hutheima. located just 6km from what is currently the frontlines the mobile clinic will provide access to healthcare in an area that has for too long gone without. today the region MSF team traveled to the clinic for the first time to make assessments and to meet with the local authorities. 

unbeknownst to many, iraq is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in decades. an increase in violence, beginning in 2014, has resulted in the displacement of over three million people. these individuals often have very little access to healthcare services, and in some war-torn areas infrastructure and medical facilities have been destroyed leaving the local population with no access to medical care.

i have had the privilege of being in country working with msf to document their work and highlight access/lack of access to healthcare in the region. with a focus on chronic disease, sexual and reproductive health and psycho-social support, msf is addressing critical need(s) as well as making assessments in an effort to ensure continuation of care.

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