on to iraq to work with MSF / by Maranie Staab

i am excited to share that tomorrow morning i am flying to iraq to join MSF (doctors without borders) as they work to provide healthcare to the populations of several regional camps. with the official number of displaced people in iraq surpassing 3.2 million i have been asked to help document this work as well as help to highlight the plight of those displaced by conflict in the region — the specific focus will be to underline the limited and oftentimes complete lack of access to healthcare as well as to collect stories and testimonies. 

this was not part of my original “plan” when i set out for jordan nearly a month ago, but like most life changing experiences the time spent with Global Outreach Doctors and SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) in the Zaatarai Refugee Camp and most recently time spent working in Gaza camp, Mafraq tent camp and Souriyat has opened my eyes and ignited in me a desire to gain a more compressive understanding of displacement in the Middle East. 

though unpaid, this work is an opportunity to do what i see as my part in giving a voice to those who are currently going unheard and to support the efforts of an organization doing the ever challenging, on the ground work of providing healthcare to those who have been forced to leave their homes due to conflict.

i am not someone who is incredibly comfortable asking others to support my work, but i would ask that you please consider doing so — no contribution is too small — as i spend the next week working to tell the human stories of those who have been displaced by conflict in iraq. 

if you wish to donate to this work please do so here — as always, thank you: https://www.generosity.com/…/documenting-displace…/x/5174565