Documenting Medical Efforts in Zaatari Refugee Camp / by Maranie Staab

I am incredibly excited to share that my next adventure is taking me to the Zaatari refugee camp on the Syrian border in Jordan. Opened in 2012, Zaatari is currently home to over 80,000 Syrian refugees — many of whom have been there for months if not years — and who are in constant need of medical attention. 

Beginning April 1, I will be working with Global Outreach Doctors as a volunteer, to document their work -- in still images, video, and words -- as they serve up to 1000 refugee patients a day.

Additionally, and something that I am particularly excited about, I will be providing photography lessons to groups of Syrian refugee children — most of which, due to the war, have largely been deprived of their childhood. I am excited to share my love of photography with them and am packing a small portable printer to be able to provide them with portraits of themselves 

I was inspired to join this team of doctors to contribute in the way that I can — through images — and to support the ongoing relief efforts of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. I am currently funding this trip myself and am asking for you to consider helping offset these expenses. I am not accustomed to asking for public support in my endeavors but am optimistic that many of you will support the cause and/or will consider donating in support of my work. Any contribution is greatly appreciated by me and those that we will have the opportunity to serve. 

During my time in the Zaatari camp I will be sharing images and stories on Facebook and my blog. I hope that by sharing you will be able to see what your donation has helped to support — and be able to put a few names and faces to what we see in the newspapers everyday. 

I am leaving on March 31st and am doing all that I can to raise the necessary funds before departing -- please consider donating and sharing. As always, many thanks for your support -- it makes all of the difference.

please consider supporting our work: