make time to take time / by Maranie Staab

i jumped on a public bus early this afternoon and took a much needed day trip out of busy beirut and traveled north to the coastal city of batroun. 
located directly on the mediterranean coast, batroun is one of the oldest cities in the world complete with cobblestone roads, old souks, historic roman catholic and greek orthodox churches and remnants of a magnificent phoenician wall. though i made a point to see many of the “must see” spots i spent the last two hours of daylight sitting on a nondescript cliff overlooking the sea finishing a book (susan sontag’s ‘regarding the pain of others’) that for too long has been relegated as second priority to (computer/phone) screen time or the like. i came back to beirut this evening more centered and with the reaffirmation that there is little comparison to the healing power of a quiet solitude, a good book and the setting sun.