hezbollah funeral in tyre, lebanon / by Maranie Staab

earlier this week i traveled south from beirut to tyre (locally known as sour) and stepped off of the bus and walked directly into a march that i assumed, incorrectly, was in anticipation of the next days presidential election in lebanon. instinctually, i immediately began snapping frames, but it was no less than 30 seconds later that i was politely but forcibly pulled to the side and questioned. unbeknownst to me, i had walked into the funeral procession of a recently killed hezbollah fighter in syria. i managed to scroll to the middle of my SD card while speaking with them and was able to claim i hadn't taken any images when they asked to see my camera. though there is no law that prevents me from taking photos of a public event in lebanon it was made clear to me that my day would not go well if i continued to try to do so.