the shrine of our lady of lebanon / by Maranie Staab

the shrine of our lady of lebanon, also know as notre dame du liban, as seen from behind on 10.22.16. the statue, overseeing the city of beirut, is a marian shrine and a pilgrimage site hornoring the patron saint of the mediterranean country of lebanon. each year mary draws millions of both christians and muslim from all around the world. 
i had the opportunity to visit the shrine and witness the power that this statue has for those of faith. it's only been but one week since i arrived to lebanon and i have already learned so much -- about myself, of the christian and muslim faiths, of people from all classes in lebanese society, of food (oh, the food here!), and perhaps most of all that i could travel the rest of my days and never fully satisfy my desire to understand. im here for another week or so and will then head to iraq and eventually catch a flight home from greece. here is to the journey that is life, folks. .