the pittsburgh great race / by Maranie Staab

with the completion of the great race this morning the past 2 years have come full circle in the best of ways. the great race of 2011 was the last race i ran before my accident (exactly one week later) and today i was able to be one of the over 16,000 runners to participate in the city's "greatest" 10k.

i ran 38.52 (6:15/mile ish) which, all things considered, i am pretty happy with. more than anything, i am incredibly thankful to even have been able to run today. i am also even more certain that with a bit of good fortune, hard work and whole lot of grit that anything is possible. as cliche as it is is, you only live once folks - once you really take this to heart you tend not to leave much on the table. 

congratulations to all of the other runners today! no matter your time or your pace - getting out there and giving your all is something to be incredibly proud of.