turnpike gardens / by Maranie Staab

while i don’t often photograph bands at indoor venues i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some shots of the talented musicians that comprise Turnpike Gardens. to date, this pittsburgh based rock band has played two shows at the Smiling Moose (to sold out crowds) and recently booked a show at the larger, notable pittsburgh venue, Mr. Small’s Theatre on october 11, 2014. (for more information on the band and upcoming shows check these guys out at: turnpikegardensband.com)

shooting without flash, i initially found the lighting conditions to be a bit frustrating. (one of the items at the top of my wish list is an upgraded camera body - something that allows me to shoot at a higher ISO). determined not to be easily discouraged and to use the opportunity to work in an environment outside of my comfort zone I eventually found the right combination of settings as I switched between my 24-70/2.8 and 70-200/2.8. i was able to get quite a few shots of each heather, nick, evan and jim while enjoying the sick riffs, drum beats and vocals of such songs as Figure it out for Yourself, Asking Too Much, and Could've Been. 

as is often the case, i couldn’t wait until the next day to start editing the images, so that night after the show i set to seeing what i could make of that evenings' captures. now, i am already one who adores black and white and so when i found that these images were drastically more appealing when in high contrast grayscale i set to work putting together the best of the batch.

below is a sample of some of that nights images. you can view the rest, along with other festival and music event shots, at my music gallery page found under the photography tab or by clicking this link: 

thanks for reading folks; as always, I welcome your feedback!