Maranie is a Pittsburgh-based, independent photographer and journalist working to document human rights and social justice issues, displacement and the periphery of conflict -- how violence and war affects individuals and societies. Her work focuses on people and especially those in marginalized parts of society — whether domestically or abroad. She photographs with the aspiration to dispel misconceptions, to underline our common humanity, and to further understanding of worlds outside our own. She is motivated by the conviction that still images can have the power to inform, inspire, change the way we think and even move people to act.  
To date, her work has taken her throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Maranie is self-taught and has been a full-time, independent photographer since September 4, 2015 after taking the proverbial leap of faith and leaving her well-paying yet wholly unfulfilling corporate job to pursue photography and journalism.  She wakes up each day on fire to become a better photographer and human -- and to do the work that matters.

Maranie has been published in The Atlantic, Reuters, Esquire, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable, Rudaw and works regularly with numerous [Pittsburgh] area newspapers and magazines.

Maranie calls Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home
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