to many, pittsburgh is city known for what it once was: "the steel city," the rustbelt's former epicenter of industry. some call it "the city of champions," a title commensurate with its athletic prowess across national leagues. of late, it has been dubbed america's most livable city, thanks to a sort of renaissance and reinvention of industry, innovation and culture. 

to me, pittsburgh is all of that and more; it is the city i call home. over the course of the past year, i have explored on foot many of its innumerable streets and alleyways; in return, the city has shared with me the richness of its diverse culture, the beauty concealed within layers of rust and soot, and, to quote michael chabon, many of its mysteries worth investigation and a good lens.

no matter what corners of the world life takes to me to, this is this city that i will always return to; it is the place that set the tone for my aesthetic vision and informs the images I will always aspire to capture. 

below is a selection of shots taken throughout this past year. i will continue to add to and update this gallery as i discover more of what the burgh has to offer. 

note: please click on the individual photo to view full image