The Cost of War
 In a world where the displaced have too often become an anonymous statistic this photo series is an attempt to put a human face on the individual in the hope that we might recognize our shared humanity with the many.  Mosul, Iraq May 2017
 The battle to retake Mosul from the Islamic State (ISIS) began in October 2016 and officially came to a close in July 2017.  These images were taken in May 2017 as Coalition forces fought their way through the neighborhoods of West Mosul, clearing each of militants and leaving a path of destruction in their wake.    As neighborhoods were “liberated” civilians who had fled — most often to displacement camps or to friends and family that lived elsewhere — made their way back to what remained of their homes.   Though the fighting has largely subsided the struggle for Moslawis continues as they work to rebuild their city and the lives.   05.31.2017
 meet basem. originally from daraa, syria, basem was only 10 years old when he lost both of his legs, part of an arm and sustained serious injuries to his eyes. on august 8, 2014 basem was walking home with friends and saw a pile of children’s books on the side of the road. when he picked them up they exploded; the next thing he remembers is waking up in a hospital in amman, jordan.   unfortunately, this is not an uncommon story. too often we hear of explosives being hidden in objects used specifically to target children.   basem’s family has not been able to escape syria. for now, basem calls souriyat home as he waits to be reunited with his family and face what can only be called an uncertain future.