maranie rae

maranie is a pittsburgh-based, independent photographer and journalist working to document human rights and social justice issues, displacement and the periphery of conflict -- how violence and war affects individuals and societies. her work focuses on people and especially those in marginalized parts of society — whether domestically or abroad. she photographs with the aspiration to dispel misconceptions, to underline the common humanity that unites us all, and to further understanding of a world outside of our own. to date, her work has taken her throughout eastern and western europe, africa and the middle east. 

maranie has been published in Esquire, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable, Rudaw and works regularly with numerous [pittsburgh] area newspapers and magazines.

maranie calls pittsburgh, pennsylvania home
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we were meant to be adventurous, to travel, to take chances, and to go after our dreams. we weren't created to settle, to live too comfortably or cautiously, and certainly not to accept anything less than our full potential. at the same time, we as individuals and societies are not islands; it has been my experience that in all of the places i have traveled -- whether internationally or within the united states -- that the most important takeaway is not our differences but the common humanity that unites us all.. 


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